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HanoverVotes is a nonpartisan organization committed to fostering a vibrant and forward-looking Hanover through community involvement. We thoughtfully participate in our democratic processes, empowering citizens in local elections through voter education, encouraging voter turnout, and supporting candidates and policies that will have a lasting impact on our community's future. We welcome everyone to join and help ensure Hanover remains a prosperous and nurturing place for all who call it home.

We Believe:

  • Responsible Fiscal Management: We advocate for a budgeting approach that ensures every dollar spent by the town delivers maximum value, providing services and infrastructure that benefit the community while minimizing waste. Our aim is to get the best possible outcomes and value from the funds available, which contributes to financial stability and helps to avoid the need for increasing the financial burden on all residents from young families to retirees. We are committed to living within our means and addressing the essential needs of our community.


  • Trustworthy Leadership: We strive for a leadership approach that prioritizes the needs and voices of our community above political agendas while upholding the highest standards of integrity, fairness, and respect for every individual. We expect our town representatives to make decisions that reflect the community's will and to adhere to unwavering ethical principles, fostering trust, opportunity, and unity throughout our town.


  • Parental Authority: We uphold the principle that parents have the final say in decisions for their children's education and healthcare. We promote constructive dialogue between parents, educators, and healthcare professionals to facilitate informed choices.