Examining the Implications of Hanover's Proposed Budget Override

As we approach a critical juncture with the proposed town override budget, it's vital we consider its implications with a discerning eye, especially regarding the substantial impact on our property taxes. Central to this discussion is the significant increase in funding allocated to the Hanover Public Schools, representing the largest portion of the override budget. While we all support the noble goal of enhancing our children's education, it is imperative we also weigh the financial realities such an increase imposes on Hanover families.

This proposed override significantly increases our taxes and demands a closer examination of how effectively and efficiently these additional resources will be utilized within our schools. Are there alternative, more sustainable ways to achieve our educational goals without placing an undue burden on our community members, especially in an economic climate that remains uncertain for many?

Here is an example of the property tax increase. 

A homeowner with a $700,000 residential property value.

  • The Base Budget property tax increase is $256
  • The Override Budget property tax increase is $1479

Unfortunately, this is not the only increase that will impact living in Hanover (more to come).

To make this easy to understand. HanoverVotes broke the budget into 4 main groups.


Group 1 – Municipal’s budget – General Gov’t, Finance Department, CDMI, Community Services, Library, Police, Fire, Public Works, and Transfers

Group 2 - HPS – Hanover Public Schools

Group 3 – Shared Cost - Debt, Town-Wide Expenses, Overlay Reserve, State & County Charges

Group 4 – SSVT - South Shore Vocational Technical School budget. Currently, 8 towns with Marshfield will join in FY 2026.

Base Budget – is the budget without an override.

Override Budget – increase your property tax to support the additional needs of the town.

A majority of our discussions will be with Groups 1 and 2. Group 3 is a shared cost, and Group 4 is the SSVT, 8 town budget.

The Town Wide Budget


The Town Departments and Hanover Public Schools Budget

For a $700,000 house. Your tax increase will be –

(this is a permanent property tax increase; this is not a one-time increase).



As we navigate these discussions and decisions about our town's future, your voice is more crucial than ever. Whether you share our concerns about the proposed override or have different views, we believe it's essential that all perspectives are heard and considered. Hanover's strength lies in our community's ability to come together, even in disagreement, to find the best path forward for everyone.

We encourage you to reach out directly with your thoughts, questions, or feedback on this matter. Your insights are invaluable as we work to ensure a decision that reflects our community's collective will and best interests. Please email your responses and any questions to [email protected]. Your input will not only enrich our ongoing dialogue but also help shape the content of future emails, ensuring we address the concerns and topics most relevant to you, the residents of Hanover.

Together, we can approach this critical vote with the depth of understanding and consideration it warrants. We look forward to hearing from you and engaging in a meaningful exchange of ideas that will guide our town toward the best possible outcome.

Thank you for your time and your commitment to our community.